Decorating Ideas for Your Cabin

Cabin Living RoomIt’s that time of year when hundreds of families all over Minnesota retreat to their cabins on the lake. Check out these fun and creative ideas for decorating your cabin. 

Country ThemeCountry Kitchen

Bring flavors of the farm to your cabin. A country theme still captures that nostalgic, rustic feel that many cabins cultivate, but with a twist. Swap out antlers for country-themed accents like woven rugs, bouquets of wildflowers, decorative wooden crates and the classic chicken motif to make your cabin feel more like a sweet country home. 

Nautical Theme

A nautical theme is a popular choice for oceanic homes, but it can be an unexpected delight near the lake as well. Get creative and implement nautical aspects like anchor paintings, painted bottles, mason jar tealight holders wrapped in nets and burlap wrapped wreaths. Put a Minnesota spin on it with framed maps of your lake or hang trophy fish.

Modern ThemeModern Home

Your cabin doesn’t have to be rustic. Turn your cabin into a sleek, modern home away from home that will impress guests who come to spend a day on the lake. Neutral colors and minimalist decorations are typical for a modern styled home. You can always add a pop of color in decorative items to create a cozy atmosphere.  

Minnesota Theme 

This unique theme can be tailored to what Minnesota means to you. You could go with an “Up North” vibe and use decorations and wall art that incorporate Minnesota sayings, paintings of the state of Minnesota and pictures of fish and kayaks. If you have Scandinavian roots, you could set out Scandinavian cookbooks, wall decor that’s filled with Swedish and Norwegian sayings, wooden dala horses, a welcoming “Uffdah” rug, and decorative kitchen hand towels. Make sure you have hot dish and rhubarb pie ready when your guests arrive!  

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