Where to Add New Basement Storage

Basements serve many purposes. They are family rooms, playrooms, entertaining spaces, guest rooms, laundry, home offices, crafting spaces, storage, and more. No matter how you use your basement, get the most out of the space by adding smart basement storage.

We’re sharing a few ideas on creative basement storage ideas. If you need help remodeling or renovating your basement to make it work better for your family, give The Chuba Company a call!

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Creative Ideas for Basement Storage

basement storage

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Use Space Under the Stairs

Is there unused space beneath your basement stairs? Tuck a low-profile bookshelf or credenza underneath. For a more permanent solution, you could install custom shelves or drawers that fit your space’s unique shape.

Look for Transitional Furniture

If you need a room to serve double duty – an office and a guest room, for example – look for furniture that can be easily transformed. For example, a murphy bed or sleeper sofa keeps the bed out of the way, and a desk with a fold-down workspace won’t take up room when not in use.

Add a Media Wall

If you have a TV mounted on the basement wall, build around it. A combination of drawers and shelves can create a lot of additional storage without taking much extra space.

Make Basement Storage Accessible

Open storage, easy-to-access baskets and clear bins help you see what’s stored where – especially if they’re labeled. Making storage more accessible will also allow your family to easily find and get what they need.

Get Creative!

Can you build shelves into a support post? What about stashing toys or blankets in an ottoman? Try going vertical with shelves to the ceiling, or framing a window with cabinets. When storage is in short supply, every space is fair game. Get creative – or let us help you come up with ideas!


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