Newest Trends in Kitchen Remodeling

Complete Your Kitchen Remodel with These Trends


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Whether we spend hours watching HGTV episodes, browsing Pinterest, or getting ideas walking into a friend’s new home, we cannot help but envision our perfect kitchen. If you have been wanting to do an update or remodel for a while now, or are thinking of changing the color scheme of your current new kitchen, consider these new trends.

Soft colors – Grey is the new white. Warm up your kitchen with soft colors such as charcoal, grey or even pastels and a tinted white. Redo your cabinets, counters or walls with these colors to update your current look.

Smart spaces – Hidden charging stations are starting to pop up in kitchens, allowing for your phone to be charged in more places than one, or hook-ups for your iPad or tablet. Built in appliances are also emerging, such as coffee makers or wine coolers. Always have your device at-hand and charged to look up a new recipe or listen to your favorite playlist.

80’s reboot – Various small changes are coming back, bringing back a different style trend. Mirrored backsplashes help to make the space seem more open. Brass accessories such as drawer handles or knobs and high gloss finishes on your countertops are sure to be eye catching and classy.

Open floor plan – Expand your entertaining lifestyle by opening up the space to your living room. There is no need to remove yourself from your company and conversations when you are checking on the dinner or appetizers. Stay in the loop on your trip to the fridge and allow for an open flow for guests to do the same when they get a refill. This also makes both spaces seem even bigger without walls dividing both.

Texture on texture – Reconsider what was once considered a contrast. Variations on texture is back and a more traditional method to contrasting. Mixing and matching won’t be the thing, however, instead you will see the same texture in different patterns throughout the kitchen. Although subtle, it will make a statement. Brick or stone will be the main material, as well as contrasting light and shadow.

Well-lit cabinets – Lights are not just for ceiling fans and lamps anymore. Illuminate your kitchen with cabinet lighting with low-volt light tape strips below, above or inside cabinets. Don’t forget about placing them below countertop overhangs as well. Offer a better mood lighting without having to turn on every light, every time, or ease the drastic change for your eyes when stopping in the kitchen for a late-night snack.

At Chuba, we provide excellent remodeling services. Our dedication to quality service using top-quality building products and high level of attention to detail, we will be your partner in producing your dream kitchen. We offer a variety of updates including accessible design and storage or a full remodel. If you are looking for something specific such as Modern, Country or Classic, your vision is our command. Contact us today for an estimate.

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