How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger


Small bathrooms can feel cramped and claustrophobic but adding more square footage is easier said than done – it can be difficult to find the space to expand, and bathroom renovations can get costly. However, as detailed in a recent article on The Spruce, there are some easy and inexpensive tricks that can make your small bathroom look – and feel – much bigger than it is.

Swap the Large Vanity for a Smaller Pedestal Sink

It’s true that removing the vanity will take away precious storage, but it could be a good trade-off for all the floor space you’ll gain. Find extra storage elsewhere – in a slim medicine cabinet or a shelf unit above the toilet – before making this change.

Add Lighting to Brighten the Room

The ideal solution here would be to add a skylight or window to the bathroom, but that can also be costly. Alternatively, consider adding recessed can lighting or wall sconces for additional lighting that doesn’t take up counter space.

Paint in Neutral Colors

Bright or dark colors are fun, but they can make a small bathroom feel smaller. Calm, soft neutrals or pastel tones will create a more relaxing atmosphere while also making the bathroom appear larger.

Add Mirrors

Mirrors reflect light and color, making a small room look and feel larger. Upgrade your vanity mirror or add another on a separate wall to create the appearance of space and light.

Cut the Clutter

Removing the decorative accessories, countertop clutter and other excessive items will create a clean, simple look. Instead of multiple smaller pieces of art on the wall, hang just one larger print. Similarly, use just one larger rug instead of two or more. Keep only your essentials in the bathroom, storing occasional or extra items in a nearby closet.

Trick the Eye

Create the illusion of a raised ceiling by installing crown molding that is painted the same color as the ceiling, and add wall art that depicts an outdoor scene or a horizon. Instead of a frosted shower door, install clear glass. All of these tricks will make the bathroom appear larger without moving any walls.

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