It’s Time to Inspect Your Roof for Winter Damage

Get Your Roof Ready for Spring

get your roof ready for springAnother long Minnesota winter is almost past us and the promise of spring beckons. Before you get busy with spring activities, it is important to take a look at your roof for any damage caused by ice and snow. Your roof is the most vulnerable to damage in wintertime, and a thorough inspection can detect any problems that might have cropped up as a result.

Don’t Rush It
Wait for spring weather to dry out your roof. Walking on a wet roof is foolhardy and there is a chance you can slip and suffer serious injury.

Check for Damage, Both Inside and Outside
On the inside of your home, look for water stains and damp or cracked plaster – both are sure signs that snow has damaged your roof. Inspect the chimney and the ventilation pipes for any signs of damage or leakage. Check the underside of the roof from the attic.

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Then check the roof from the outside. Cracked, missing, warped, broken, or loose shingles should be repaired. Buckled or slightly raised shingles may have been caused due to sudden changes in the temperature. (For more detailed descriptions and images of damaged shingles, click here.)

While you are up on the roof, check the eaves and gutters thoroughly to see if all the vent caps are in place and if the flashings are tightly fitted. If, in the past, you had used cement or sealant to repair any part of the roof, now is a good time to see if it is still in place. Inspect all the joints and turns carefully to make sure that they are still in place and there are no cracks or gaps anywhere.

Setting it Right
Usually minor problems can easily be set right with some simple tools like nails, a hammer, a caulking gun, palette knife, and some sealant or cement. Of course, a ladder and appropriate safety equipment will be needed. Let someone know that you’re on the roof and have them check on you frequently.

Fill in any cracks along the flashing with caulk. Look for any missing or broken nails, and make sure you use roofing nails for replacements.

In the event a whole width of shingle has to be replaced, the old one will have to be removed first. Any nails left back will have to be pulled out before the new shingle can be put in.

Taking time now to check your roof for problems will not only lengthen the life of your roof, but it could prevent expensive repairs later.

During inspection, if you discover issues with the condition of your roof, contact The Chuba Company for a no-cost estimate. The Chuba Company has installed more than 700 roofs using our dedicated and experienced crew of professional roofers. We also hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and are GAF Master Elite certified contractors, a distinction held by only 3% of all roofing contractors. And when you compare The Chuba Company’s warranty against the competition, you’ll see the difference. And don’t forget – Chuba gives a lifetime workmanship warranty on all exterior work.

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