How to Make Your Garage More Functional

Life is busy. Between kids, sports, DIY projects, home upkeep and lawn care, it can be tough to keep a garage well-organized and functional. The warmer months are a great time to give your garage a thorough reorganization, because you’re able to open the door and spread out. Here are a few tips from The Spruce on how to make your garage more functional, organized and accessible.

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Tips on Making a Garage More Functional

The first step in organizing your garage is to clean it. Sweep the floors, remove any cobwebs or debris, and scrub stains as needed. As you clean, work on decluttering: throw away any trash or broken items, and make a pile to donate.

how to make your garage more functional

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Divide the Garage into Zones

As you’re organizing the items in the garage, sort them with like items. For example, put all the tools together, as well as sports equipment, bike gear, car supplies, lawn care tools, etc. Think about how often your family accesses each group, and plan storage accordingly. Identify seasonal items that can be stored out of the way for the next few months.

Make the Most of Storage Space

To really maximize storage, you have to get creative. Use vertical space, place pegboards on walls, and invest in racks and cubbies for large or oddly-shaped items. Store specialty equipment out of the way. Make sure to keep a stepstool handy to access the items stored up high.

Organize Often

Garages get disorganized easily. Try to take a few hours each season to clean, evaluate, and reorganize the space. This will allow you to customize your storage for the weather, and it will help keep your garage more functional all year long.

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