Do Energy Cost Savings Offset New Window Costs?

At The Chuba Company, one of the most common reasons we hear for replacing windows is the anticipated energy cost savings on heating and cooling. And this is certainly a good reason to get new windows installed! Up to 30% of a home’s heat and air conditioning disappears through the windows, so upgrading to new, double-or triple-pane windows will make a noticeable difference in heating and cooling costs.

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But will those energy cost savings effectively pay for those new windows? Well, that’s a little more complicated.

According to, new high-efficiency windows can offer as much as twice the insulation value of older, single-pane window units. This can cut the loss of energy through the windows by up to 50% – significant energy cost savings! But because heated and cooled air is also lost through other parts of a home – drafty vents or uninsulated attics, for example – it might represent only a small fraction of the total energy lost.

The financial savings could easily be in the hundreds of dollars per month, depending on the season and the number of windows replaced. However, it will take quite some time to completely offset the cost of the new windows.

Does this mean that you shouldn’t replace your windows?

Of course not! Any steps we can take toward more sustainable homes are important. Also, a study found that homeowners recoup almost 80% of the cost of new windows when they sell the home. This makes windows a very good investment. And newer units are easier to clean and maintain, saving you additional time and money down the road.

Do you want to learn more about window replacement and how much you might save on energy costs? Contact Chuba today.

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