4 Steps to Prepare for Spring Home Projects

After a long winter spent mostly indoors, we’re ready for warmer weather. If you’re tired of looking at the same four walls, you’re probably counting down the days until it’s time to get started on home projects and renovations. Although it is possible – and actually a good idea – to remodel in winter, there are some projects that can’t be done until the snow melts. But if you take a few steps now, you can hit the ground running on spring home projects when the weather warms.

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Check and Inspect

Before determining which spring home projects to complete, make a close inspection of your home. Test and inspect HVAC units and appliances. Look for cracks in sealing and leaky windows. And when it is safe to do so, inspect your roof for winter damage, as well as cracked or sagging gutters. Identifying any new issues will help you figure out where to begin.

preparing for spring home projects

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Prioritize and Plan

You won’t be able to complete all projects at once, so start with those that will impact your life the most. For example, do you need an addition for homeschooling or remote work? Do you want to get a new deck right away so you can take full advantage of the warmer weather? Are there structural issues that need to be addressed? What will your budget allow for first? Identify your priorities and plan accordingly.

Book a Contractor and Order Materials

Spring brings a big crunch in contractor availability throughout Minnesota. Get on your contractor’s books now to ensure that you can complete projects as soon as possible. In addition, there are still sourcing and shipping delays on many home improvement materials. By ordering early, you’ll be able to start your project on time.

Update Home Insurance

Some homeowners’ insurance plans require additional coverage for renovations, depending on the scope of the projects. Get in touch with your insurer to discuss the details of your specific plan.

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