Storm Damage and Roofing Repair

In Minnesota we get lots of different types of weather, but sometimes things get extreme and serious storms can cause damage to our homes. The Chuba Company can help with your Storm Damage repairs, including Roof Repair, Siding, Windows and More.

You may not even know if you have hail or storm damage to your home. If you experience severe weather and are concerned, call us to schedule an inspection.  In general, here are some places to look:

Hail Damage

curling shinglesOn your Roof, check your shingles to see if your roof has dark spots on it caused from hail knocking the asphalt loose. You may be able to see dents in the metal flashing where edges come together on your roofing, or dents in your roof vents. The ridge cap (or top layer of shingles at the peak of your roof) is especially susceptible to hail since hail hits your roof directly at this spot. Also check your fascia, or the front boards or aluminum at the bottom of your roof, for damage and dents.

On your Siding, hail damage will be in the form of dents (for aluminum or metal siding), cracks or holes for vinyl siding, or scuffs and cracks in other types of siding. Be sure to check all sides of your home since hail tends to come down at a slight angle.

WindowsYour Windows may be dented, cracked, scratched or even broken by large hail. Give your window sills a close look to make sure any exposed screens aren’t torn or damaged.

Wind Damage

Wind damage on your Roof or Siding will be fairly obvious. Look at your ridge caps to make sure no shingles are missing, and check your yard for stray shingles. Vinyl siding can sometimes loosen or blow off in high winds, so check all your siding after a big storm. Any exposed sheeting can deteriorate quickly in the rain.

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